Public Comment

Judging the Monterey Market

By Jordan Rosenberg
Tuesday December 20, 2011 - 07:42:00 AM

Monterey Market, primarily but not only a produce market, has been a Berkeley institution for decades. The produce is fresh, the varieties endless, the prices low. 

Nearby shops are complaining that Monterey has started selling "cheese, tea, lunchmeats, chocolate, wine, pies/cakes, and flowers - all at PREDATORY PRICING". The nearby shops are hurting, fear they may go out of business. They have begun a petition drive to protest these "unfair, competitive tactics". 

The nerve of Monterey! Selling better products at lower prices! It's UnAmerican! or UnBerkeleyian. 

This being Berkeley one may expect protests at the planning/zoning committee and a lawsuit. 

Monterey's competitors should ask themselves why their customers need them when those customers can buy better and cheaper at Monterey. Before going out of business I would ask myself if there might be something, goods or services, that I can supply and that Monterey cannot. Business prospers when customers do.