Public Comment


By Erich Frisch
Friday December 30, 2011 - 10:19:00 AM

I left the dark little cave this morning and went through a range of emotion from amazement with the fantastic California weather to amazement that yet again a two legged rat had decided to use my car as its dinner table leaving curried lentils and an imprint of its ass behind to amazement that the western end of "People's Park" had been cordoned off and in the process of being cleaned and purged. Hallelujah! There is a GAWD and its name is not Bates or Worthington!  

Way I figure it is the city and uni are complicit in the loss of a building due to electrical fire at the corner of Tele & Haste caused by wiring that had been chewed through by the same four legged rats that did three thousand dollars damage to my afore mentioned car's electrical system. GAWD knows health & safety had nothing to do with this intrusion upon the sacred and oft scary plot of land long occupied by the vermin that have scattered to the winds not unlike dandelion petals on a hot summer day. Berkeley's own little delegates of occupied returning to the roost after being summarily ejected by local communities with REAL social conscious and civic responsibility. . .  

Now if the overpaid uni brotherhood would find its brass and build the dorm and thousand beds forty years past due. . . But I digress, let us rejoice in the knowledge that no life was lost, to the black plague, to get us this far.