Public Comment

CNN Attempts to Defame Memory of Martin Luther King

By Jack Bragen
Saturday January 28, 2012 - 10:29:00 AM

An article by John Blake (a writer for CNN) attempts to create a controversy where there is none and to portray Martin Luther King Jr., as not being accepting of gay people. This is in line with CNN's tendency to be manipulative of public opinion and to do so through casting clouds of doubt in the absence of facts. 

This article lacks hard evidence of the opinion it is presenting, and instead uses hearsay of fellow commentators who are projected as being authorities on King. The article quotes an unverified magazine article in which Dr. King supposedly wrote something that could be construed as anti-gay. 

This is a situation of the corporate stockholders of CNN wishing to defame the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., in order to advance an evil political agenda. It is obvious to anyone that in 1958, most American people were not enlightened to the fact that homosexuality isn't a disease, it is a difference. If Martin Luther King in 1958 said something that could be construed as anti-gay, something we can't be certain of just by reading a CNN article, it could be interpreted several different ways. You could conclude that King was already pushing the envelope enough, and that to fight, in 1958, for the equality of gay people as well would hinder what he was trying to do. You could conclude, on the other hand, that King might not have been accurately quoted. The magazine editor could have easily changed the text of what King wrote. You could conclude that we have no way of knowing and you could wonder about CNN's motive for printing this article. It is a purely speculative article; it lacks facts to back up what it is implying, and it irrelevant to the remembrance of his message. 

Martin Luther King Jr. was strong and memorable leader in a way that is un-heard-of in our generation. In an age of things being dumbed-down, watered down, and put down through ambiguity and confusion, we apparently have no concept of the Civil Rights Movement. We also may have forgotten the deadliness and the perniciousness of the prejudice that existed prior to this movement. CNN's attempt at casting doubt on the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. is in line with the manipulation of the public by corporate entities that seems to define the current generation. 

As a Jew, as an intellectual and as a person with mental illness, I would not be able to exist in liberty today or write openly about my condition if it weren't for the Civil Rights Movement so aptly assisted and represented by Dr. King. 

The editors of CNN ought to be ashamed of themselves for their attempt to defame the memory of a man who may be the greatest American leader of the twentieth century.