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Press Release: "Tax the Rich" Rally on Monday on Solano As Usual

By Harry Brill
Friday February 03, 2012 - 10:43:00 AM

Those of us who have been rallying Mondays are deeply troubled about how much inequality adversely effects our lives and the quality of life of the 99 percent generally. Bill Moyers, who has a wonderful way with words, expresses his concern: 

"If you get sick without health coverage, inequality matters. 

If you're the only bread winner, and out of work, inequality matters. 

If your local public library closes down and you can't afford to buy books on your own, inequality matters. 

If budget cuts mean your child has to pay to play on the school basketball team, or sing in the chorus, or march in the band, inequality matters. 

If you lose your job when you're about to retire, inequality matters. 

And if the financial system collapses and knocks the props from beneath your pension, inequality matters." 

We are building a growing movement to address that dreaded disease, inequality. The more of you who join us, the greater our clout. Please come and bring your friends and neighbors to our Monday 4:30pm rally near the top of Solano.  

And whether or not you can make it, also plan to attend our get together at 5:45pm, (Feb. 6) which will be held a half-block away at the Northbrae Community Church (Haver Hall), 941 The Alameda. Parking is available in the back as well as on the street, and both the front and back door will be open. Refreshments will be served.