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Zelda Bronstein's Tea Party Articles as Seen from Pittsburg

By George Lee
Friday February 03, 2012 - 11:07:00 AM

Zelda writes a fair minded series of articles. She and The Tea Party can agree - follow the money! Yes, NGO's and regular folks should have a say - and they should be held accountable to scrutiny - who do they represent? Who stands to gain financially? What about those left out by virtue of full time jobs, no transportation, etc. And so should the money backed agencies, and support groups. 

Oakland's "block housing" is not what people want - I know - I live in Pittsburg where my neighbors, of all ethnicities, have fled from Oakland and San Francisco's deadly streets. Yes we have problems, but the people here have respect and those who are left after the WallStreeters' foreclosures still have pride and a neighborhood the can call home - not a ghetto of Government planning Czars - of whatever agency or mandate they stand behind!