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Thursday March 01, 2012 - 02:52:00 PM

Re: Berkeley School Safety Officer Charged with Identity Theft; Gun Violence and Its Impact;The Republicans Are at It Again 

Re: Berkeley School Safety Officer Charged with Identity Theft 

Let’s us not forget the historically low wages paid to public school district, “classified” employees, i.e. office workers, bus drivers, teacher aides, custodians, et (versus certificated and administrative). While all receive generous paid holidays, sick, vacation pay (medical, dental), etc (if a regular employee; not a “sub” or hourly paid)…given today’s high payroll taxes…the actual ‘net income (paid only monthly)…makes living and working very, very difficult. This alleged theft might actually be indicative of an employee having to go to extremes to survive and keep working while so many others working around him get three of five times more pay simply by title. 

R. Valentine Oakland, CA 

Gun Violence and Its Impact 

How much more news of shocking deaths will it take before we place a ban on gun possession? 

A couple of days ago I heard that five people were shot to death in the East Bay over a period of 3 hours. I am unable to understand the view that toting guns for pleasure is a good thing. Have we forgotten our interdependence on one another? Can’t we curb our violent impulses in the interests of the common good? 

Our social structure is falling apart. One out of every twelve people seeking jobs is unemployed. The patience of poor people has frayed. Is there no way of improving the well being of the most adversely affected people? As social stress mounts we must make special effort to reduce the availability of guns to every Tom, Dick and Harry. 

Romila Khanna, Albany 

The Republicans Are at It Again 

Republican presidential contestants are singing the same old song. Four conservative white guys pandering to, playing to, an unrepresentative base of anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-immigration, anti-tax, anti-government, anti-everything zealots. 

Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, are old news in a fast changing world. They are a picture of negativity spewing out vindictive rhetoric on everyone and everything that doesn't fit in their worldview. 

Four conservative guys trumpeting Bush era failed economic policies, tossing around pie-in-the-sky promises, on how they'll move the country forward. This pack no longer represents anything. They only represent themselves. 

Ron Lowe, Nevada City, CA