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Tuesday March 13, 2012 - 09:41:00 PM

Oil Consumption, 2707 Rose, Financing Our Schools 

Oil Consumption 

Bob Burnett's column of 3/9/12 noted that our consumption is 19 million barrels, but neglected to mention that this is per day. Our "proven" reserves of 19 billion barrels is less than 3 years supply for our total consumption, and only about 6 years at our current production rate. Exploration is continuing to add oil to our "proven" reserves, so we will not simply run out in 6 years. We do, however, seem to be close to the peak production rate, so increases in demand from China, India, and other developing countries is going to make oil more expensive. It takes time to switch from oil to the alternatives. The cost-conscious consumer should do it soon. The environmentally conscious consumer has hopefully already started. 

Robert Clear 

2707 Rose 

Just thought you might want to know that a request by the City and the Kapors for a rehearing of the 2707 Rose case by the Court of Appeal has been denied. A mistake in wording in the decision has also been corrected at the request of our attorney. Full details at . 

Charles S. Fadley 

Financing Our Schools 

City residents should have more say in the distribution of funds to city schools than the state or the federal government. I wonder where our tax dollars go. How is it that the top salaried people are not directly affected by our budget crisis? 

It is true that the top salaried people are using their intellect to make complex decisions but some of their decisions involve saving their own funds while they they eliminate other people's jobs or reduce their hourly rates or monthly salaries. Why is all the balancing act done on the backs of poor hard working people? Where are we all are going? Must we hurt the most vulnerable members of our society so that the high salaried managers can flourish? 

Romila Khanna