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Letters to the Editor

Friday March 23, 2012 - 01:38:00 PM

It's all about politics. 

It's all about politics. Republicans, throughout the country, are running on one issue and one issue only, repeal Obamacare. What else have Republicans got to run on; three years of "do nothing" obstructionism? 

Republicans are running against health care reform, the two year old Affordable Care Act; and have put all their eggs in one basket. 

Paul Ryan's Republican budget fix calls for the "Full repeal of Obamacare." Next week Clarence Thomas and the conservative Supreme Court takes up the legality of the Affordable Care Act. Still not sold on Republican's one issue campaign for 2012. 

Mitt Romney, in an OP-ED piece says he will repeal Obamacare as president. Do you see the irony of this? Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee (Republicans will get get creamed if Santorum or Gingrich are at the top of the ticket) and he will be campaigning against his own health care creation. Obamacare is a copy of Romneycare right down to the "individual mandate." 

Ron Lowe 

Reasonable Political Respect Please 

I seemed to have gotten on my high political horse today but I have a good excuse. We live four blocks from the UC Berkeley campus, arguably the 5th best university in the world. That's according to a recent academic study. Accordingly, we also live in one of the most diverse world populations. Rannah, my wife, bought an re-elect Obama poster for her fence two years ago. Some neo-conservative, probably a spoiled rich republican's kid, torn it down, broke it and threw it into the street. I repaired it, put it back and placed an order for a dozen more. And to whoever it was that did're a BITCH! 

Dea Robertson-Gutierrez