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City of Berkeley Releases Working Draft of Dispatcher's Conversation with Victim of Hills Killing

Tuesday March 27, 2012 - 08:55:00 PM

The city of Berkeley has released a "working draft" of the conversation between Peter Cukor and the Berkeley police dispatcher which was recorded on February 18. The document notes that "this is NOT a verbatim transcript..."  

DISPATCHER: Berkeley Police and Fire 511.  

MR. CUKOR:Yes, there is a gentleman, a young man hanging around my property. I think he's transient. I'm not sure. 

DISPATCHER: What's the address sir?  

MR. CUKOR: 2 Park Gate in Berkeley.  

DISPATCHER: And he is just standing around there?  

MR. CUKOR: Yeah. He says that he lives here. He wants to come in which is very strange. I'd like an officer up right here away.  

DISPATCHER: Sure. What race is he?  

MR. CUKOR: African-American.  

DISPATCHER: He's a black male. How old does he look?  

MR. CUKOR: I'd say he's in his twenties.  

DISPATCHER: How tall is he about?  

MR. CUKOR: About 6'4.  

DISPATCHER: Is he small, medium or heavy build?  

MR. CUKOR: Medium.  

DISPATCHER: What's the color of his shirt or jacket?  

MR. CUKOR: He's wearing a dark color hoodie  

DISPATCHER: And the color of his pants?  

MR. CUKOR: Well they're dark I believe  

DISPATCHER: So he's just standing there stating he lives there? 

MR. CUKOR: He's looking for someone named Zoey. He's pretty spacey.  

DISPATCHER: Oh okay.  

MR. CUKOR: Now Park Gate it is just gate right at the fire station.  


MR. CUKOR: My driveway is just before you get to the fountains.  

DISPATCHER: Okay, may I have –¬ 

MR. CUKOR: It's not on Park Street it's on Shasta just before you get to the fountains (unintelligible) 

DISPATCHER: And may I have your name sir?  

MR. CUKOR: Peter last name spelled C U K 0 R  

DISPATCHER: And your phone number please?  

MR. CUKOR: 841-xxxx  

DISPATCHER: Okay we'll try to get somebody out as soon as we can.  

MR. CUKOR: Thank you.  

DISPATCHER: Thank you. Bye-bye.