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Meet the Real 1%: OCCUPY BOHEMIAN GROVE This July

By Haig Patigian
Tuesday April 03, 2012 - 07:06:00 PM

In solidarity with a number of Occupations, as well as long-running protest group Bohemian Grove Action Network, the call for peaceful protests against The Bohemian Club this July in Monte Rio (CA) are hereby announced. Since Bohemian Grove is on private land, we respect those legal boundaries. Therefore, this communique only endorses peaceful, non-violent protests on the public land existing outside Bohemian Grove. 

The goal is not to “shut down” their party – we simply want to shine a spotlight on it. We feel it blatantly confirms the existence of an interconnected, international power elite that holds a systematic "good old boys" monopoly over portions of the public & private sector. We do not claim this to be a "one size fits all" mega-conspiracy. However, it obviously highlights a literal network (or "mob," if you will) of interconnected power players. 

Currently the framework is in place for two events – July 14th 2012 & July 21st 2012. Mary Moore of The Bohemian Grove Action Network will be the core coordinator for the July 14th protest involving members of Occupy Santa Rosa & San Francisco. 

Full explanation here: 

A group representing Occupy Portland (OR) will be holding a protest against the notorious “Lakeside Talks” on Saturday July 21st. Other events are to be scheduled throughout The Bohemian Club's Two Week Encampment. 

In Portland Oregon, a working group called the “Occupy Bohemian Grove PDX Committee” is assembling this framework. They will be helping to organize the official Occupy PDX protest in Monte Rio on Saturday July 21st. 

In Portland this group will be staging pickets outside events in their area when prominent Bohemian Club members appear at speaking engagements that are compensated with public tax-payer funds. They hope other decentralized groups like this will form across the USA. 

With official Occupy Portland endorsement (through a vote of GA consensus), this working group has sent out the call for any interested Occupy Group to show solidarity under this decentralized OCCUPY BOHEMIAN GROVE banner by participating in an International Awareness Day on July 14th, 2012. The concept is simply to distribute flyers, hold an informative workshop, or otherwise schedule a march as to spread info on this subject. 

The next official meeting will be hosted by Occupy Santa Rosa on Saturday April 14th at the Peace & Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA. Any interested parties are invited. 

Learn everything about this action at the following link: 

What is Bohemian Grove? The short answer is that Bohemian Grove is a super-exclusive encampment/party for the most corrupt of the 1%, whose attendees have included every Republican President since 1888 as well as Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, John Lehman, Karl Rove, Norman Schwarzkopf & the Rockefeller Family. Other names include high-ranking members of ALEC, NATO, NAFTA, Stratfor, Haliburton, The United Nations, Bilderberg Group, CIA, FBI, Federal Reserve & the 9/11 Commission report committee. The list continues to spiral with a laundry list of major players in world politics, big business, the banking industry & the military industrial complex. 

Those involved are either guests or members of “The Bohemian Club.” Formed in the 1870's as an artists retreat, this 2700 acre campground (dubbed “Bohemian Grove”) exists 75 miles North of San Francisco. Formed in the late 1800's as an artists retreat, this camp slowly became an annual, clandestine party for the “1%.” 

Every year from mid-July to the beginning of August, these men hold secretive “Lakeside Talks.” This is the cause of concern for us – secret seminars involving unbelievable concentrations of wealth and power. One can ask “if it's secret, how do you know about this?” Because while the contents of these talks remain a mystery, we know for a fact they take place. Also, program guides which have been leaked contain dubious speeches involving everything from reshaping the Middle East through NATO involvement, nuclear energy, prison systems, war strategy, banking cartels, etc. 

Disclaimer: Those working on this action DO NOT ENDORSE the conspiracy talk which claims The Bohemian Club's mascot (a huge owl statue) is some Babylonian demigod. This owl statue IS NOT MOLOCH. This IS NOT a satanic cult. The misinformation comes directly from Alex Jones, who was the first person to infiltrate and film the entire ceremony. Without any evidence to support his wild claims, he built an entire career out of it and is now one of the most popular journalists on the web. As is why most never look deeper into this subject – lunatic websites often pop up with searches. The reality is that Bohemian Grove is more of a pseudo-mystical frat-boy kind of thing, on par with Fred Flintstone & the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. So yes, while it is true that burning an effigy under a creepy statue while wearing druid hoods has obvious connotations to ancient sacrifice religions, in reality this is a tongue-in-cheek reference to that sort of thing. And yes, once again, we know what this sounds like. But reality is stranger then fiction. 

Help us make history this July.