Public Comment

Why I Support President Obama

By Dr Deborah Hecht
Thursday April 26, 2012 - 05:31:00 PM

I am a grandmother. I am going to vote for President Obama in November 

because I believe he has the best chance at moving the US toward clean 

energy production and use, and away from dirty oil and coal.  


Romneysupports the oil and coal industries. So far, Obama has approved 29 

clean energy projects on federal lands that will power more than 1.5 

million homes. What are Romney's plans to reduce use of oil and coal? 

None. He plans to increase exploration for gas and oil and to remove 

the "burdensome" protections by the EPA while paying no mind 

to the people and wildlife whose lives will be disrupted or sacrificed; 

nor does he consider the heavy cost of extracting gas and oil from 

these places. And finally, he wants to open up pristine wilderness 

areas, such as the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge -- to gas and oil 

companies for exploration. So much for refuges and pristine 



Because of President Obama, by 2025, passenger cars and 

trucks will see their fuel mileage nearly double to 54.5 miles per 

gallon, saving their owners at least $8000 over the life of a new car, 

reducing oil consumption by 2.2 billion barrels and cutting back on 6 

billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Obama wants to protect from 

oil and gas exploration ANWR and other places of incomparable natural 

beauty. I want a cleaner America for my granddaughter's future. I 

believe only President Obama will deliver on this.