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Press Release: New Monsters & Looney/Mezzacappa/Robinson Trio plus special guest Marco Eneidi at Berkeley Arts Festival on May 5

By Bonnie Hughes
Saturday April 28, 2012 - 10:02:00 AM

New Monsters:

The latest brainchild of Dan Plonsey, saxophone and Steve Horowitz, bass; features Steve Adams, saxophone; Scott Looney, piano and John Hanes, percussion, all long-time vets of the Bay Area Music Scene. 

"A harmonic feast for the senses that may just bite you back! New Monsters is a fresh post bop excursion that is well worth the trip."-All About Jazz 

Looney/Mezzacapa/Robinson Trio plus special guest Marco Eneidi: 

Scott Looney, piano; Lisa Mezacappa, bass, Donald Robinson, percussion, and Marco Eneidi, saxophone. Looney has assembled an all star cast of creative explorers. Though all of the musicians in the group have played in many different setting with each other, this is the first time for this particular group to hit the stage as a unit. Expect some intriguing fireworks, plus lightning fast interplay soulful expression, and many other wonderful landscapes filled with cooperatively created sounds. 

It will be a special treat to hear Marco Eneidi in a rare West Coast visit. 


Berkeley Arts Festival  

2133 University Avenue 

Berkeley, Ca 94704 

May 5, 8 pm 

suggested donation $10-$20 

wheelchair accessible