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New: Berkeley ZAB to Make Iceland Decision on Thursday

By Tom Killelea
Tuesday May 08, 2012 - 06:14:00 PM

It appears that the Zoning Board hearing to approve the Sports Basement permit is now May 10, not May 24 as originally expected. This is an extremely short schedule between meetings making preparations to get our voices heard are significantly shortened. If at all possible, please come to the ZAB on Thursday - the only way to make it clear to the City what the community needs is by getting a lot of folks out there. Also, write to the Zoning Board secretary Steven Buckley at protesting the plan and providing your comments on the appropriateness of a 70,000 sq. ft. store in what should be a public community recreation space! 

We will appeal the decision and the timing of these meetings. More emails to come. Tell your friends and neighbors that we need their help!