Public Comment

We Need to Change Our System to Protect All

By Romila Khanna
Friday May 18, 2012 - 11:11:00 AM

Enough is enough. How many more shooting deaths will turn the attention of our lawmakers and attorneys towards ending the easy access to guns and other firearms to end the untimely deaths in neighborhood?  

Why do we ignore the loud crying sounds from the weaker section of our society? What is the law and what is our true Constitution? Why are the poor and needy in our society not protected? Our way of thinking reflects our concern only for our own benefit. It seems that other people's lives are not important when we are dealing with the painful issue of random shootings taking place in every day in different parts of this country. We may have to make our laws so strict that every Tom, Dick or Harry can’t hold firearms or guns in their hands. People claim that owning guns will save them from the cruelty of others when they are in danger but what law is protecting the families of those who lose their dear sons or daughters to random violence? Some countries have the law of a life for a life. I feel that our judicial system is nervous about inflicting capital punishment. 

Maybe this strong punishment may save the pain of those families who feel that injustice have been done to them. At the same time the every member of our community must receive empathy training. All schools and colleges must add this compulsory subject to their curriculum . Every person taking the oath of citizenship must pass written and practical tests in compassion and empathy. 

Let us all make this important change to save our society from the random gun shooting deaths which plague our cities.