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Is the Climate Change Movement a Grassroots Movement?

By Vivian Warkentin
Friday May 18, 2012 - 12:54:00 PM

Is the Climate Change movement actually a grassroots movement, or a well-funded top-down power grab which has hijacked the grassroots? 

Why do the Rockefellers, who ARE unarguably Big Oil incarnate, fund all the major environmental groups, whose number one agenda is “Climate Change” and whose CEO’s make an average of $500,000/yr, Didn’t the Rockefellers kill the municipal railways and the electric car and many a small entrepeneur’s energy saving idea by buying them out? BP is another big sponsor. 

Why do the current brand of environmentalists not call to simplify and conserve, but instead condone fascist, corporate, top-down techno-solutions like “smart grid” and smartmeters which will hurt our health, use more energy not less, and pollute the environment with exponentially more and more escalating electromagnetic radiation, affecting bees, bats, trees and other living things? 

Why does the current environmental “movement” condone “cap and trade”, a corporate banker-enriching scheme that will tax little people and reward Wall Street for destroying the environment as corporations like BP grab land and cut forests to grow their polluting GMO biofuels for carbon credits?. 

Why do these self-proclaimed protectors of the earth never question or investigate government, corporate and military scientists, including NASA, who have been manipulating our weather, putting all kinds of chemicals and “charged dust” in our atmosphere, probing and perturbing the ionosphere, and otherwise experimenting recklessly with our atmosphere for decades? 

Other dire environmental issues, even nuclear disasters, are eclipsed by the convenient world wide “pollutant” carbon, which back in the grade schools of yesteryear was taught to be necessary to the life of plants. The Tar Sands issue is framed as a carbon problem at the expense of the untold local pollution and land grabbing that it will cause. 

Will activists terrified of carbon accept the insane earth-killing “solution” of elite corporate university “climate” scientists like Ken Caldiera of Stanford and David Keith of Harvard, to block sunlight from the earth via chemical jet aerosols aka geoengineering? Will fear-driven left wing environmentalists stand down for the corporate and military takeover of our natural weather and planetary systems? 

The grassroots is not leading, but following the Big Money who is telling them that the problem is carbon and feeding them the pre-prescribed solutions that promise more for themselves, a la “disaster capitalism”.