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Press Release: City Commons Club of Berkeley --June, 2012 Programs

From David Aroner
Saturday May 26, 2012 - 08:23:00 AM

City Commons Club meets in the historic Berkeley City Club at 2315 Durant Avenue; Berkeley. The building was designed by famous architect and BCC member Julia Morgan. For information about the City Commons Club: or call (510) 845-8055 or (510) 428-0222.

Pre-meeting coffee, soft drinks, wine, and conversation from 11:20 in the Venetian Room. Lunch served from 11:45 to 12:15. Lunch is $17.00;coffee only is $1.00. Speaker begins at 12:30 and meeting adjourns at 1:30.Visitors are welcome: please call for lunch reservations by the day before the Friday meeting: Jane Barrett--(510)845-8055.

Friday, June 1,2012 Noon Luncheon

Ms. Hilary Kaiser, Educator and Author of, “World War II Voices: American GI’s And The French Women Who Married Them” “June 6, D-Day: Lest We Forget”
Hilary Kaiser, who was born and raised in the USA, has roots in San Francisco. She has lived in Paris,France, for approximately 40 years. She holds a PhD in American Studies from the University of Paris, and she had a 35-year career as a tenured educator at the French Ministry of Education, having taught at the high school and college levels. Her talk will be based on her recently-published book that tells some of the American soldiers’ amazing wartime experiences on D-Day as well as some of the dramatic stories of French war brides during the War and how they met their GI husbands and emigrated to the USA.
Friday, June 8, 2012 Noon Luncheon
Mr. Gordon Lee, Founder and CEO, Malachi Community Trust, Birmingham, England
“One Person Can Make A Big Difference”
Mr. Lee, with his late wife,Lyn, founded the Malachi Community Trust in 1990 to support children affected by family breakdown and other complex and adverse family circumstances. In his presentation , Mr. Lee will discuss how he developed a non-profit organization that helps Birmingham residents who are primarily low-income people living in neighborhoods that do not have adequate resources for providing important social services.

Friday, June 15, 2012 Noon Luncheon
Mr. Michael Fox, Film Critic and Journalist Former host of KQED's Independent View, a program about film. He has contributed to more than 50 regional and national publications since 1987 "Bay Area Documentary Filmmakers:Think Local, Act Global"
The Bay Area boasts more documentary filmmakers per capita than the media hubs of New York and Los Angeles. Mr.Fox's talk will identify the factors that support our great natural resource as well as convey the scope of local documentaries hitting our screens in the next year.
Friday, June 22,2012 Noon Luncheon
Mr. Nick Maffei, Retired College Educator; and Moderator of The Center For Learning In Retirement’s (CLIR) Popular Travel Programs“How To Travel Better, Cheaper, &Smarter”
This presentation will examine affordable travel for seniors, including learning vacations. It will cover travel and lodging tips to save you time and money. It will also include ways to use a computer—at home or a library—to take advantage of travel websites that can enrich your travel experiences, both in the USA and abroad. Mr. Maffeihas presented this popular program at many senior organizations and has received excellent feedback from participants.
Friday, June 29, 2012 Noon Luncheon: Speaker to be Announced