Press Release: U.C. Berkeley Chancellor Issues Statement on Armored Vehicle Proposal

From Public Affairs, UC Berkeley
Thursday July 05, 2012 - 06:07:00 PM

The statement below, regarding plans for the joint acquisition of an armored emergency rescue vehicle, was issued today (Thursday, July 5) by UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, in coordination with the mayors of Berkeley and Albany:

The University of California Police Department, in collaboration with the Berkeley and Albany city police departments, recently pursued a grant for an armored emergency rescue vehicle. Law enforcement’s interest in obtaining a vehicle that would protect officers during situations involving oncoming gunfire (or to rescue victims during such situations) — such as occurred at Oikos University in Oakland a few months ago — is understandable.

However, the planned acquisition of the vehicle recently came to the attention of campus and city officials. Campus administrators evaluated the proposal and concluded that such a military-style vehicle is not the best choice for a university setting. UC Berkeley officials are in the process of canceling the order for the vehicle. Officials in Berkeley and Albany agree with the University’s decision. 

Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley 

Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley 

Farid Javandel, Mayor of Albany