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All Board the Stand Up for the Right to Sit Down Coalition!

by Carol Denney
Friday July 06, 2012 - 12:37:00 PM

Merchant window space is priceless. Shoppers need to see interesting and enticing items to buy, such as the puppies in the Macys window at holiday time. And political endorsements can backfire for a merchant, costing sales. Which is why it is so impressive that so many businesses have stepped out against the proposed “Civil Sidewalks” law, which would criminalize peaceful sidewalk sitting. 

The businesses and organizations listed below have gone on the record opposing the mean-spirited and expensive effort to target homeless people in commercial districts being put on the ballot this fall by a majority of the Berkeley City Council (opposed by Max Anderson, Jesse Arreguin, and Kriss Worthington). 

If you agree that it’s time to recognize that we can’t police our way out of homelessness and joblessness, you are not alone. Take your shopping and make donations to these supportive businesses and organizations, which agree with you. Thank them for making a common sense stand against the criminalization of homelessness. 

And if you’re a progressive merchant, organization, or resident fed up with scapegoating the homeless, bad policy, and absent leadership, join us at . Because the chairapillar is on its way! 


Annaher Grocery (at Dwight & San Pablo) 

Art House Gallery 


Autumn Press 

Bear Basics 

Blondies Pizza 

Café Valparaiso 

Design Action Collective 

East Bay Media Center 

Free Radio Berkeley 

Helly Welly Lamps 

Hippie Gypsy Café 

La Pena 

PM Press 

Rasputin Records 

Revolution Books 

Starry Plough 

Subway Guitars 

Urban Ore 

Youth Spirit Artworks 

On Board- Organizations: 

AFSC Street Spirit 

Berkeley-East Bay Gray Panthers 

Berkeley Food and Housing Project 

Berkeley Law Chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild (contact: Eve Weissman) 

Berkeley Society of Friends 

Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency 


East Bay Community Law Center 

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute 

National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area Chapter 

Peace and Justice Commission 

Youth Engagement, Advocacy & Housing (YEAH)