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New: Pro-Tenant Slate Chosen for Berkeley Rent Board

Tuesday July 10, 2012 - 10:05:00 AM

According to the official website of the Berkeley Rent Board convention, which took place on Sunday, four official candidates were selected in a close vote: 

"Almost 200 ballots were cast in the overflowing meeting room of the downtown Berkeley library this afternoon, after 7 very qualified and engaging candidates spoke and answered questions. 

"The top 4 vote-getters are (in alphabetical order): 

Asa Dodsworth 

Judy Shelton 

Alejandro Soto-Vigil 

Igor Tregub 

"These 4 will run as the progressive pro-tenant slate in November 2012′s election. The other 3 candidates, Audra Caravas, Patti Dacey, & John Nguyen, were very impressive and hopefully they will pitch in and help elect the pro-tenant slate in this important election." 

A form of ranked-choice voting was used to determine the endorsees. Since the original vote count totals for the fourth place on the slate were very close, separating three of the remaining candidates by only two or three votes, a recount was done to make sure that ballots were correctly tallied.