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Billionaire Arrogance: Gates, Broad and Public Schools

By Stephen Redmond
Friday September 07, 2012 - 12:32:00 PM

Bill Gates, Eli Broad—what do they have in common? Two things: money and arrogance. The very idea that because a person has so much money they should be permitted by any rational society to meddle in the education system is laughable and dumb. Mr. Gates never finished college and is relative uneducated in a formal sense. Mr Broad... well I don't know. But what I do know is that these 'uberrich' have little expertise or knowledge to improve our schools.  

By the way, despite all the naysayers I have found the public schools to be excellent. All my children have advanced degrees and went to public schools K-12. I have met many if not all their teachers and found them to be dedicated and knowledgeable. I have several advanced degrees and went to public schools. The best public schools and best teachers are found in Finland, a country that adores teachers, pays them well and allows them to use their knowledge and expertise in ways that put us in the US to shame.  

Meanwhile, let's get the billionaires out of our schools and back to their businesses where they apparently are successfully making money. No reason they couldn't put some money into upgrading the school libraries, computer systems or other accessory areas but hands off the teachers, curriculum and wacko ideas about improving teaching and learning. Lastly, let us not have arrogance interfering in the education of our children