Public Comment

An Open Letter to Jacquelyn McCormick and Adolpho Cabral;

By Norma J F Harrison
Saturday September 08, 2012 - 02:44:00 PM

Can you include in your work the need for Berkeley to continue its historical, renowned identification of our problems, not as the personal interest of the local big pooh-bahs, but as the structure of the system that controls what's done, now almost everywhere; enforcement of the power and profit system controlled by our Owners, the people who move the armies around the world to conquer lands and peoples?. These are not only the electeds. These are the people we don't see or know, our aristocracy, now internationally based. 

Imperialism enforces capitalism onto places; weaponized or with treaties, through coercion, through dictatorships - called democracies - throughout the world.  

We cannot overcome their calculated destruction of populations' lives without addressing and converting this structure. Addressing it is telling the truth. Ignoring it is permitting the lie, telling the lie. 

Letting the screamers say we can't talk about forces outside Berkeley is just letting that level of subservience continue gleaning our Owners' leavings, meanwhile starving and killing masses of people everywhere, and leaving Berkeley unable to care well for us all, here.