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East Bay Tax the Rich Group Celebrates One Year of Weekly Rallies

By Carol and Harry Brill
Sunday September 16, 2012 - 07:13:00 PM

Last Monday the Eastbay Tax the Rich Group celebrated our one year anniversary with a party on the street. The group started on September 11, 2011 when 10 community people rallied at the top of Solano Avenue in Berkeley to protest the inequality of taxes in our country. We held signs saying “Tax the Rich” and “Tax the Big Corporations”. 

Since then the group has grown tremendously and has rallied every Monday from 5-6 p.m. Cars passing by honk in support. Pedestrians take leaflets. The signs and leaflets present information about the impact of tax inequities in our society, and how we must work together to bring about essential changes so that the rich and big corporations pay their fair share. 

The people participating in these weekly rallies feel strongly that it is essential for people to be out in the streets mobilizing together to be part of bringing about social change in our society. And, any real changes cannot come about without rich people and big corporations paying their fair share of taxes. This is essential so that schools, social services, and public security services can be funded. 

The group is now working hard to advocate for “ Yes on 30”, basically a Tax the Rich proposition, and “No on 32”, which basically would destroy the political influence of unions. 

Among our dedicated participants is the Occupella music group that plays and sings music every week. Hali Hammer, a member of Occupella, wrote a song for our special one year celebration. 

We welcome anyone who wishes to rally for tax equity to join us on Mondays, from 5-6 near the top of Solano Street.­ 

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