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Can We Elect A President Who Will Help Us All?

By Romila Knanna
Friday October 12, 2012 - 01:11:00 PM

November 6th is only 30 days away from us voters. We must think ahead to cast our vote for someone who will bring the country back to its past glory of better health, better education, better economy and safely of movement from place to place. People of different colors, different financial status and different creeds all live here. We all need peaceful and secure environments to flourish in. Powerful people at the top ranks in the public sector forget that they are elected to serve ordinary people. They forget that their chief job is help citizens secure the education and health care which makes them capable workers. The poorest people in society have lacked a boost for the last ten years. Can we elect a President who will help us all? 

I believe that no one can rule the world by creating fear. War will never end our dangers but the practice of peaceful conflict resolution will make us more capable of finding common ground with “enemies.” We must act thoughtfully to elect a President who will keep working towards common ground rather than piling up yet more weapons of destruction.