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New: Why I'm Voting for Max Anderson

Jane Stillwater
Wednesday October 31, 2012 - 08:14:00 AM

I love South Berkeley's new farmers' market location and look forward to shopping there every Tuesday -- but this last Tuesday? Not so much. Why? Because as I was happily browsing among the vegetables, a campaign worker for Dmitri Belser came up and verbally harassed me.

"Vote for Dmitri," she ordered me at first.

"Er, uh, sorry, but, er, actually I want to vote for Max Anderson..." Wrong thing to say!  

"WHAT has Max Anderson ever done for you!" the campaign worker then spat out, getting all hostile and all in my face. But I bravely persisted in continuing to prefer Max. "HOW can you even think of voting for him!" she then practically screamed. Perhaps I should have lied? 

"Er, uh, I'm voting for him because I know him and like him and realize that, although I have disagreed with some of his positions, I have agreed with most of them -- whereas all I know about Belser is that he is endorsed by Laurie Cappetelli, the developers' friend, who I definitely do not agree with most of the time. 

Thankfully, however, at that point my daughter Ashley came up and dragged me to safety and that was that, except that I was still feeling all put upon and abused by Belser's campaign worker. But later that night, after having time to think about it, I finally realized what Councilman Anderson HAD done for me. He had been instrumental in working out the current arrangements for the South Berkeley farmers' market great new location.