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A Personal Plea from a Neighbor to Vote No on Berkeley Measure T

Tuesday November 06, 2012 - 08:10:00 AM

This morning on our doorstep we found a letter from a neighbor asking us to vote against Measure T. I won't use his name because I don't have his permission, but here's part of what he says: 

"For the sake of our beloved city, I urge you to vote NO on T! 

"[Measure] T would allow more and larger developments right along side the Aquatic Park. Many Berkeley residents go to Aquatic Park to get away from the hustle and bustle of our city. Now huge developments will loom over this beautiful, tranquil refuge for people, animals and birds. 

"I also believe [Measure] T will create a second mini-downtown, which will cause our Shattuck Avenue downtown to become like a step-child, ignored and dilapidated." 

It's impressive that someone would take the time to write and copy his own personal letter and to distribute it to neighbors (not in West Berkeley) in the early morning on election day--a refreshing change from the expensive anonymous color mailers supporting T that have flooded our mailbox in the last few weeks.