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New: Winning Proposition 30

By Harry Brill
Saturday November 10, 2012 - 09:33:00 AM

What a joy to win the uphill battle on behalf of the California tax measure, Prop 30. The grass roots effort to win Prop 30 was immense. The Berkeley based Tax the Rich group which in alliance with The Wellstone Democratic Party encouraged hundreds of activists to reach thousands of likely voters. We organized a vigorous people's campaign, which was more effective than the tens of millions of dollars that the super-rich spent to defeat it. 

We leafleted regularly at Bart stations and other busy venues. During our weekly rallies on the streets of Solano Avenue we spoke to enormous number of people. Throughout the campaign huge numbers of window and lawn signs were distributed. We phone banked and some of our activists went door to door. And at meetings we attended voters were urged to support Prop 30 to improve the quality of schools for K-12 students and to deter further increases in tuition at higher education institutions. 

Other groups with a membership base, including the faith based PICO organization, did the same as we did. In California almost every previous initiative to raise taxes was defeated. So winning on Prop 30 was a major accomplishment for the 99 percent.