Measure T is Toast

By Rob Wrenn
Thursday November 15, 2012 - 06:17:00 PM

THURSDAY UPDATE: Figures posted today were the same as those posted yesterday. So far there's no explanation of why this might be. 

With today's count, Measure T is now losing by 494 votes, up from 467 votes yesterday. The measure is no longer "too close to call". It's now clear that it has been defeated.

While some provisional votes remain to be counted, the provisionals counted to date have favored No on T. There is no realistic possibility that the remaining uncounted provisional votes would be numerous enough or pro-T by a large enough margin to erase a 494 vote deficit.

Yes: 24,577 (49.5%)

No: 25,071 (50.5%) 

County Transportation Sales tax measure B1 crept a little closer to the required two-thirds today. 

Yes: 344,778 (66.34%) 

No: 174,944 (33.66%) 

The remaining votes would have to back B1 by a very large margin for the measure to reach the required two-thirds. B1 is likely to come agonizingly close, but will probably fall short. That would be a major setback for efforts to maintain and improve transit and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.