Public Comment

A Sad Sad Day

By Carol Denney
Friday November 16, 2012 - 04:11:00 PM

It's a sad sad day
at the DBA
Measure S is in defeat
the anti-sitting
law is getting
pretty badly beat
they had the dough
the Mayor in tow
they thought they had it all
but at the polls
as it unfolds
the public dropped the ball

how could it be
they had the key
how did it all go wrong
which pithy quote
upset the boat
which stupid-ass folk song
while Caner sighs
Craig Becker cries
that he will not retreat
he'll win the fray
another day
while Bates still has his seat

perhaps it's true
they're oh so blue
and still have pockets deep
but with common sense
in evidence
the path is pretty steep
although they suck
we wish them luck
but better still a clue
sitting down's no crime
and for all time
we intend to keep it so