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Around & About Theater: 'Fierce Play' Series by Ragged Wing Ensemble

By Ken Bullock
Monday December 03, 2012 - 04:40:00 PM

This weekend, Ragged Wing Ensemble is premiering a new series of short performances by members of that talented group, Fierce Play ... 

This weekend, three plays: "Air:born" by Soren Santo ("What cellular ambitions have patently unfolded through evolution?"), "Fish Tank piece" by Addie Ulrey, directed by Keith Davis ("Does a boring job make you boring? Would you rather crochet a enough squares to fill a fish tank or drive all the cars off a container ship?") and "The Music Tree," by Phil Wharton (who cites Berkeley's Jaime De Angulo, 'Indians in Overalls': "Everything is living, even the rocks, even that bench you are sitting on. Everything is alive. That's what we Indians believe. White people think everything is dead." A Miwok origin myth, and the question of a little girl to her geologist grandfather while walking on what's now called Mt. Diablo.) 

Fierce Play will resume with a new set of work by different Ragged Wing members February 1-3. 

Friday through Sunday at 7, at 1515 Webster,Downtown Oakland, near 15th Street. $15-$30, or