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Signage on Berkeley's Marin Circle Is Unsightly and Unneeded

By Larry Raines
Friday January 25, 2013 - 10:07:00 AM
Larry Raines
Larry Raines
Larry Raines

This morning on my way to work I noticed the addition of unsightly signage at the Marin Circle. I would like to ask for your support in removing or relocating this unnecessary signage. 

Certainly these new signs are unnecessary as this information is included when you test to obtain a drivers license, it's not as if we need to remind people. There are many beautiful traffic circles all over the world with no signs telling people how to use them, why do we have to do that here in Berkeley? Are our citizens uneducated? 

This fountain is over 100 years old, after all these years why do we now need to add these signs that ruin the "naturalistic layout and park-like feeling"? 

Perhaps there is another way we could communicate this information, if circle users indeed need to have an ongoing re-education program.