SENIOR POWER When you are in your forties…

By Helen Rippier Wheeler,
Saturday March 02, 2013 - 03:53:00 PM

When you who are in your forties or younger, look back with curiosity on that dark time, as I think occasionally you should. It will do no good to search for villains or heroes or saints or devils because there were none; there were only victims.” Robert Man-from-Uncle Vaughn (1932- ) relied on American screen-writer and novelist James Dalton Trumbo (1905-1976) for the title of his University of Southern California PhD thesis and for his 1972 book, Only Victims; A Study of Show Business Blacklisting. -more-

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDGE: Italy’s Election: Lighting The Lamp

By Conn Hallinan
Saturday March 02, 2013 - 03:13:00 PM

On the eve of the World War I the British diplomat Sir Edward Gray is purported to have said, “The lamps are going out all over Europe.” In the wake of the recent Italian election one might reverse that phrase: after years of brutal austerity, collapsing economies, widespread unemployment and shredding of the social welfare net, Italians said “basta!” “Enough!” -more-

THE PUBLIC EYE: Sequester: the Rise of Republican Anarchists

By Bob Burnett
Friday March 01, 2013 - 12:59:00 PM

The March 1st sequester budget cuts are yet another product of crises manufactured by the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party. These Tea Party extremists have one objective: crush the federal government. Motivated by a strange brew of Old Testament Christianity and Ayn Rand’s “Objectivism” they’re a lethal force within the GOP – Anarchists. -more-

ON MENTAL ILLNESS: Obesity is a Common Health Risk

By Jack Bragen
Thursday February 28, 2013 - 04:05:00 PM

Obesity is a medical issue and frequent cause of premature death faced by a large proportion of persons with mental illness. The medications that we must take often have an effect on metabolism, directly causing weight gain and sometimes diabetes. The medications often make it more difficult to get physical exercise because of the sedation (which is common among numerous classes of these drugs.) Many psychiatric drugs also increase appetite. -more-