Public Comment

Sugared Beverages Should Not Be Taxed

By Juan Pablo Chung
Friday May 03, 2013 - 04:18:00 PM

As a college student with increasing debt in my tuition, it is already difficult to find foods that are financially apt for my situation. The increase of tax in sugar sweetened beverages will affect all college students that face a similar situation. Further, drinking sweetened beverages is to the discretion to the buyer. He or she understands the consequences of the conscious choice. 

It is no secret that excessive sugar is detrimental to the body. Thus, another approach to the health issue should be taken place. Promoting health education to parents and students will surely increase awareness. Encouragement to children to eat their greens and exercise constantly creates a purpose to healthy lifestyle. It is unfair to point the finger at an industry as the cause for obesity, when the blame should be upon the lack of knowledge. Please reconsider the bill upon Senate.