Press Release: Berkeley Police Association to Release Results of Taser Study

From Sgt. Chris Stines
Tuesday May 28, 2013 - 11:16:00 AM

The Berkeley Police Association (BPA), representing 168 police officers, will publicly release the results of its survey to voters on the possible use of tasers on Wednesday, May 29 at the Berkeley Police Association office at 1834 University Ave in Berkeley (corner of University and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way). 

In March 2013, the BPA surveyed voters asking their opinion on potential taser use in Berkeley.  

BPA President Sergeant Chris Stines will be on hand with other BPA officers to release the data and to answer questions. “If using tasers saves just one life, in addition to preventing injuries, then it would be beneficial for Berkeley to consider using tasers,” said Stines. 

The Berkeley Police Department and the City of Alameda Police Department are the only two agencies in Alameda County that do not currently use tasers. In the nine-county Bay Area, 105 of 113 law enforcement agencies use tasers to reduce physical force and firearm use, saving lives and preventing injuries to criminal suspects, police officers and other citizens. Of the eight remaining agencies that have not yet authorized taser use, Berkeley is one of only three departments in the Bay Area that is not currently investigating using tasers in the future. 

The press conference will take place inside the BPA office; entrance to the parking lot is on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, behind gas station on the corner of University and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. PLEASE RSVP ATTENDANCE. For more information about the press conference, please contact Mary Jo Rossi at (925) 768-7207.