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New: Can we rethink our priorites for all?

By Romila Khanna
Saturday June 08, 2013 - 11:41:00 AM

Gun control will not benefit gun lobbyists. It will not benefit gun manufacturers. But it will prevent many untimely deaths in our neighborhoods. Two days before Mother's Day my friend lost her nephew to gun violence. He was a high school student, just turned seventeen. We talk about the 2nd amendment right to bear guns. But do we remember the more primary right to life for all citizens? 

I fail to understand why lawmakers think they are elected to protect the few donors who helped them win office. Ground checks, control over gun shows, or control over people's record of violence did not receive enough votes. I doubt that public safety was primary in the minds of our wonderful lawmakers. What a tragedy that in such a developed nation as our own special care is not extended to the weaker section of society. Poor people lose their lives in unsafe neighborhoods, many due to gun violence, others from untreated medical ailments. 

Can we rethink our national and domestic priorities for all? It is good to spend billions making neighboring countries our allies. It is better to invest in safety and good health in each of our neighborhoods within the USA.