Public Comment

Warkentin on Plan Bay Area

By Charlie Brown
Thursday July 18, 2013 - 09:16:00 PM

I have read Vivian Warkentin's article under "Public Comment" re: Plan Bay Area - A shocking Theft of our Democracy (June 28, 2013). Ms. Warkentin is a good writer and successfully condenses a very complex issue. Now Steinberg's Senate Bill 1, which passed the CA Senate and is before the Assembly, deserves attention. This Bill strengthens the Plan and, worse, puts property taxes at the discretion of an unelected regional body to fund the Plan. To add insult to injury, the Bill also authorizes the "taking" of land for development without the necessity of applying what constitutes the standard for "blight" designations. I hope Ms. Warkentin does an article on Senate Bill 1. Talk about shocking people out of their doldrums!