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New: A Quick Fix?

By Romila Khanna
Wednesday July 31, 2013 - 04:05:00 PM

Party politics seems less and less concerned with representing everybody in our society, including poor people. Really poor people are also US citizens but they are powerless; they get no help meeting even their basic needs. They look up to some unseen power to help them survive somehow. The USA funds the needs of other countries. We work towards bringing peace elsewhere but at home our poor and needy die in a culture of poverty. They die from poor health, from helplessness, and from stark hunger.  

I appeal to our legislators not to be bought by lobbies and special interests. Let us work to make education and training opportunities available to poor people. When the gap between rich and poor grows too wide the poor no longer have a reason to be good citizens. They get no help for following the rules of the road. That is when alienation within a society grows dangerous.