Public Comment

Empathy for All

By Romila Khanna
Sunday February 09, 2014 - 09:44:00 AM

Some special interest groups are trying their best to stop funding for Obama Care. They are misinforming the public in order to create problems for the needy and the poor. Why don't ask those who have purchased Affordable Care and who can now visit their doctor without fear of huge bills? I know many people who have saved money and learned preventive self care thanks to the affordable health care law.  

Those who are against this law enjoy all amenities: many of them have federal health insurance and other perks. They are very shy to extend these benefits to those who need these most. True service to humanity demands empathy for all. Our representatives in the Senate and the House should think to serve others before improving their own safety net.  

Democracy does not stand for self-empowerment; every effort should be made to help all citizens. The national debt should not be reduced by reducing food stamps for the poorest of the poor. The times have changed. People understand the obstructionism of our lawmakers now. I am appealing to all three branches of the government to fix their broken systems. All in America deserve to live and thrive. Let us elect lawmakers whose ears can hear poor America’s lamentations.