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The NSA monster

By Jagjit Singh
Friday March 21, 2014 - 10:51:00 AM

The NSA continues to operate in the shadows with no congressional oversight. New disclosures from Edward Snowden warn the NSA has intensified its computer hacking activities. According to the news website, The Intercept, the new malware software code named “implants,” is infecting millions of computers under an automated system codename, “Turbine”. Masquerading as a fake Facebook server, the software targets a computer and removes files from a user’s hard drive. This prompted an outraged Mark Zuckerberg to call President Obama and demand the NSA cease and desist its illegal activities. The security of the Internet is seriously at risk. 

The NSA, Congress, and the White House have completely lost control of their Frankenstein because the monster is roaming the Internet with no virtually no human oversight. London Guardian, Luke Harding reported that whole paragraphs mysteriously disappeared from his computer while he was writing his latest book, “The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man”. The British spy agency, GCHQ, which works in close concert with the NSA swooped down to the Guardian newsroom and demanded that all material relating to Snowden be destroyed failing which the Guardian would be forced to cease publication. Thus, the enemies of free speech, democracy and the rule of law forced a courageous newspaper to destroy critical reporting – the hallmark of a free society.