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New: Save Berkeley Vacuum and Sewing Center!

By Debbie McBride
Wednesday March 26, 2014 - 09:44:00 AM

I was very surprised to learn last week that there was a development plan that would involve closing the Berkeley Vacuum & Sewing Center. I would like to protest the use of this land for another high rise residence in place of the small businesses which presently exist on the block between Berkeley Way and University, Oxford and Shattuck. The Berkeley Vacuum & Sewing Center is the only place in the area where is it possible to get all types of small appliances repaired. This may seem like a small inconvenience, but as an senior citizen who has lived in the area of close to 30 years, I have brought many lamps and kitchen appliances to the store to be fixed. It is particularly important because it is close to the Ace Hardware store on University where spare parts are sold.  

It seems as if the entire street is moving towards electronic stores where disposable computers and smartphones are sold. I think it is very important that this example of repair, recycle and recovery be preserved. There are very few people who do this type of small, handicraft work. Before a building permit is issued, I would ask that you look at the diversity of businesses, the impact on the community and the types of residents who are affected by the closure of these businesses.