Public Comment

Too Little

By Ted Rudow III,MA
Friday May 16, 2014 - 01:31:00 PM

Thousands of fast-food workers in the United States and around the world are staging a one-day strike today to demand a livable wage. A recent report found fast-food CEOs make 1,200 times as much money as the average fast-food worker, a disparity that maximizes short-term profit while harming worker security and the overall economy. 

"I make $9.40 an hour, so it’s like 35, 40 hours a week. It’s, after taxes, maybe $400 every two weeks. And that’s working double sometimes, going in in the morning and working at night, just not bringing in enough. And we know that these companies make billions in profit. They can afford to pay us better and do better by us and give us a voice on the job. That’s what we’re demanding." 

American democracy isn’t exactly a shining example to the world, as you can see. It's the land of not too much, where some people have way too much and others have way too little. Some people who are trying to wake the world up to the plight of the poor! But the money, materialism and freedom don’t necessarily make it a better way of life. It may be more pleasant and more comfortable, but that’s not always the best place.