Public Comment


Romila Khanna
Friday June 27, 2014 - 03:26:00 PM

When we will think twice about curbing our desire to intervene in other country’s domestic affairs? We have experienced the results of past invasions which have weakened economy and introduced war culture to the minds of young and old Americans.  

We are fearful of others when their language, culture and religion do not tally with our own. I don’t think it is right to destroy a foreign land just because we imagine that citizens of that land will attack us.  

We attack to satisfy our ego that we have supreme power. We also create a war mentality in own land. We are sending out the message that we are afraid of attacks and will take preemptive action right away. 

Our motto should not be: Let’s go to war. It should be: Let's find a diplomatic solution. 

We need Diplomacy. We need to make friends with other cultures and respect their ways without interfering in their domestic affairs. Respect and friendliness can win the hearts of our enemies. But war will never end war. The end result will be great sadness, and the loss of lives and resources. 

I am worried that our Congress has decided to send more troops to the war zone in Iraq. I urge our policy makers to stop funding this 'new' old war.