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Next Week at the Berkeley Arts Festival

Bonnie Hughes
Friday July 11, 2014 - 01:32:00 PM

Here are upcoming events in the Berkeley Arts Festival Space (2133 University, on the corner of Shattuck and University, next to University Hardware): 


Thursday, July 17th 2014

Marvin Sanders and Elaine Laguerta

Pianist Laguerta and flautist Sanders will perform works by Bach, Cesar Franck, and Godard. 8pm  


Friday, July 18th 2014

Jerry Kuderna Lunch Concert

Pianist Jerry Kuderna plays from classics to the newest compositions. 12 noon to 1:30pm,  


Ear Spray, Rubber ()) Cement, Aaron Oppenheim

8PM: Aaron Oppenheim - An American-Canadian Canadian-American currently based in Oakland, who improvises sounds from his laptop. His music straddles the line between noise, drone, and glitch, always emphasizing liveness and in-the-momentishness.

8:30PM: Rubber (() Cement - Realizes all tires as sentient animals covered in stamped hieroglyphs. The world is a reading surface-ribbon for any number of distributed microscopic eyes. 

9PM:Ear Spray - Synthesizing electronics, acoustic percussion, voice and videos into dynamic and strange aural landscapes and improvisations- Carlos Jennings - Electronics and Conduction,Ann O'Rourke - Vocals, Videos, Effects/Mixer, Percussion and "weird ideas” person, Mark Pino - Entertainer and Intense Percussionist 


Saturday, July 19th 2014

Ben Rivers "Shakin With Joy"

Through the joy of music, I'm excited to be able to share the experience and lessons I've learned about life and art through living with Parkinson's disease. With original songs, life vignettes, and poetry, I will take you on a journey through my particular approach to handling life's challenges and joys. It is my hope that you will have a great time, discover laughter, and leave the evening feeling lighter, happier, and with a sense of the unshakeable core we each have inside of us no matter what life throws our way.

For more about the artist, visit 6:30pm note early starting time  



Sunday, July 20th 2014

Trio Next - Moe! Thollem Mc Donas duo

8 pm
Trio Next
Charles Sharp - tenor saxophone
Jeff Schwartz - bass
Andrea Centazzo - percussion

Charles Sharp and Jeff Schwartz are active in the Los Angeles creative music scene, while Andrea has had a lengthy career working with Steve Lacy, Derek Bailey, John Zorn, and many other celebrated artists. 9 pm  

Moe! Staiano - percussion
Thollem McDonas - piano 

Pianist Thollem McDonas and drummer/percussionist Moe! Staiano are two adventurous musicians playing together for the first time. The two will do an improvisation set, with intense, fast rythyms, and no-holds barred playing.