ECLECTIC RANT: Ebola, Like AIDS, Can Be Brought Under Control

Ralph Stone
Friday October 24, 2014 - 10:53:00 AM

My 19-year old son died of AIDS back in the early days of the AIDS pandemic. The hysteria surrounding the Ebola crisis reminds me somewhat of the hysteria in the early days of the AIDS crisis. There was a plethora of misinformation, risky rumors, blaming of the victim, and lots of finger pointing. At one time an AIDS diagnosis was a virtual death sentence. But as AIDS hit the United States and Europe, money poured into research. Now AIDS is largely treatable as a chronic illness although medications are costly. -more-

THE PUBLIC EYE: What Do Millennials Want?

Bob Burnett
Friday October 24, 2014 - 10:24:00 AM

Attempting to predict the outcome of the November 4th midterm elections, political observers have scratched their heads at the behavior of the youngest US demographic segment, the Millennials. These are the 80 million voters born after 1981. They have the power to determine any political race but it’s unclear what they want or even if they will vote. -more-

ON MENTAL ILLNESS: Paranoia Toward Psychotherapists

Jack Bragen
Friday October 24, 2014 - 10:56:00 AM

I often have paranoid feelings concerning mental health practitioners even though these are the professionals who apparently are trying to help. However, not all of this paranoia is unfounded. Among counselors who are generally dedicated and giving people, there are a few bad apples. -more-