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Last Call: The Berkeley Daily Planet Endorses

Becky O'Malley
Thursday October 30, 2014 - 10:29:00 PM

This little area is dedicated to those of us who still vote in person instead of by mail. We're the ones who agonize over making up our minds, and feverishly sort through the plethora of brochures in mailboxes and on doorsteps.

First: The Planet strongly supports the unopposed slate of candidates for Berkeley's Rent Board. Their campaign is being pitched as an opportunity for Berkeley voters to reaffirm their support for our long-standing rent control and stabilization law, so don't forget to check those candidates' boxes on your ballot. See today's editorial for a great video they've created.

In other areas (click on the links for fuller discussion) :

Berkeley Measure S (district gerrymander): NO

Berkeley Measure R (green downtown regulations):Yes See Op-ed: Measure R delivers on the green promise for downtown

Measure D (tax on sugar in soda pop) : no endorsement

Alameda County Measure BB: Yes

Judges: Here's a recommendation from an active young lawyer who comes from a family of distinguished attorneys but wishes to remain anonymous: " Liu, Cuellar, Werdegar,Humes, Kline, and Stewart are yes. Ruvolo is the only definite no." She voted yes for everyone but ruvolo.

Then, click here for the candidates: Which Berkeley City Council Candidates Should You Support?

Short Answers: District 1, Alejandro Soto-Vigil; District 4, Jesse Arreguin (unopposed); District 7, Kriss Worthington; District 8, Jacquelyn McCormick (rank her first, followed by George Beier, second, and Lori Droste, third. Skip fourth place. A knowledgable friend says put Droste ahead of Beier, and in truth they're both a lot better than the incumbent. You choose, but leave Cohen off your list. )

And per a reader's request, here again is a link to Margot Smith's recommendations.

Finally , check out this May editorial with a self-explanatory title: Tony Thurmond is the Best Choice for California Assembly ...

We're pleased to see that Berkeley Councilmember Jesse Arreguin has added his endorsement to Tony's long list of fans.

In the video below you can see Tony explain his campaign in person at a Berkeley house party: 


Please also do look back at the Public Comments in the last few issues, where there are some very intelligent arguments for various candidates and measures.