Election Update: City Council Districts 7 and 8 and School Board (News Analysis)

Rob Wrenn
Thursday November 06, 2014 - 05:43:00 PM

With 89 more votes counted in the District 7 City Council race, Kriss Worthington's lead widened from 81 to 100 votes. In District 8, 399 more votes were counted, and Mike Alvarez Cohen inched closer to frontrunner Lori Droste, but the ranked choice vote continues to give a narrow lead to George Beier, 1449-1421. 

As of 4:52 p.m. today (numbers in parentheses are votes as of 12:44 a.m.yesteday) 

District 7 Kriss Worthington 475 (421) +54 Sean Barry 375 (340) +35 

Kriss' margin before latest update: +81 Kriss' margin after latest update: + 100 

District 8 Lori Droste 883 (775) +108 Mike Alvarez Cohen 866 (741) +125 George Beier 817 (711) +106 Jacqueline McCormick 579 (519) + 60 

In the initial count reported late on election night, Alvarez Cohen led in the area east of College and south of Dwight, especially in hills precincts above Claremont Ave. Lori Droste and George Beier led in one precinct each east of College. 

George Beier was the vote leader in all but one Willard Neighborhood precinct; Beier has been involved with the Willard Neigbhorhood Association for many years. Droste was leading in one precinct in Willard. 

Droste led overall and was ahead in two south of Ashby precincts, including the Halcyon and Bateman neighborhoods. Jacquelyn McCormick led in the area north of Dwight way including Panoramic Hill and adjacent student areas. 

While Droste leads in first choice votes; Mike Alvarez Cohen led in the initial vote-by-mail ballot count with 30% to Droste's 23%, and may gain more ground as more absentee votes are counted. The Registrar of Voters has not posted information to show which precincts the votes counted today came from. 

In the School Board race, Julie Sinai is still trailing Karen Hemphill (10267 to 10511) in the race for third place. Ty Alper and Josh Daniels are way ahead with 12,688 and 12,207 votes respectively.