Press Release: Berkeley Demonstrations End

Officer Jennifer Coats, Public Information Officer, Berkeley Police Department
Monday December 08, 2014 - 03:37:00 AM

It appears the demonstration has concluded. We are sending our officers home. We would like to thank the many agencies that assisted us this. I wanted to provide you with a brief update, before I head home this morning. I will be in late tomorrow.

We made five arrests connected with the demonstration for various charges (I don’t have a specific list of charges at this time). One of the arrested individuals was also the responsible who damaged Trader Joes the previous night using his skateboard. Another individual was arrested, was responsible for throwing a heavy object on Saturday, injury one of our officers. They were arrested for those offenses as well as additional charges for last night’s demonstration.  

We had two officers injured during last night’s demonstrations, both suffered minor non-life threatening injuries. 

We are aware of one protester who was injured when he was assaulted with a hammer when he attempted to keep other protestors from looting a Radio Shack on Shattuck Avenue. He was transported to a local hospital for his injuries, which were consider non-life threatening.  

There was significant damage cause to several business in Berkeley. The main focus of the damage appears to be along Telegraph Avenue as well as Shattuck Avenue. The City of Berkeley Public Works Department is in the process of helping secure, by boarding up windows for the business effected by last night’s demonstrations. Many of the businesses had windows smashed out and several stores were looted.  

Not sure when the next update will occur. I will be in later this afternoon.