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Literature and Drama Classes Help

Romila Khanna
Saturday April 04, 2015 - 10:34:00 AM

Literature and drama classes help students to find emotional balance. They open doors to how other people live. By entering in imagination into other people’s lives, students become friendly and more open to others. They see their own pain and difficulty as part of the process of becoming adult. They see their own happiness as part of the process of giving praise. 

Our nation is built on the diversity of a multicultural and multilingual society. 

We have become global in the 21st century. We have international collaboration in the fields of education, medicine and technology. It is especially important in this global century to have more courses in cinema and literature. The closer we come to how other people see themselves the more capable we are of offering respect and attentiveness. 

Schools and colleges should all add literature and drama courses to their curriculum for the emotional health of students and for cooperative living on our earth.