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The Culture of Low Expectations-- No Longer!

Harry Brill
Friday April 10, 2015 - 10:39:00 AM

On Wednesday April 15 beginning 4pm, there will be a Raise the Wage rally at UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza (Bancroft & Telegraph). Then we will march to a downtown fast food establishment to demand a major increase in wages and benefits for its employees. More than 60,000 underpaid Fast Food Workers across the United States will strike and protest for $15 an hour and a union. It is immensely important that we join them. 

Actions are planned in about 200 cities in the United States. There will also be allied demonstrations around the world in many countries including Italy, Switzerland, France, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, and Bangladesh. 

Please participate in this immensely important demonstration. Without a huge public outcry the standard of living for not only low wage workers but for most Americans will continue to sink. And without a successful effort to substantially increase the purchasing power of American workers, unemployment will certainly rise as the economy takes a dive. 


Join the East Bay Tax the Rich Group every Monday, 5-6pm near the top of Solano to rally against inequality. We attempt to inform the public of what we need to do to combat the Republican Party campaign to reduce taxes for the very rich and the big corporations by slashing essential social and economic programs