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New: NBC & Richard Engel

Jagjit Singh
Monday April 20, 2015 - 03:13:00 PM

NBC and their chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, is at the center of a raging new controversy. In 2012 he and five members of his team claimed they had been kidnapped by armed gunmen loyal to the Assad regime. He has now admitted that his captors were, in fact, Sunni militants affiliated with the U.S.- backed Free Syrian Army. 

NBC knew at the time that Engel and the others were held on a chicken farm widely known to be controlled by a Sunni criminal group but chose to deliberately mislead its viewers expressing certainty that they were kidnapped by Shia hoodlums trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and allied with Hezbollah. 

The controversy over Engel’s kidnapping comes just three months after NBC suspended Nightly News anchor Brian Williams after admitting that he had grossly inflated a story he told about coming under fire in a helicopter during the Iraq War. 

Engel’s false narrative of his kidnapping is far more serious than Williams puffing his chest like a bloated peacock. 

It calls into question our media reports that have wrongly portrayed the free Syrian army as a disciplined coordinated opposition group when in fact they are no more than coterie of criminal gangs and thugs that are running amok throughout the area of the so-called liberated sections of Syria. 

Reports by Engel and other correspondents are serving the ‘war lobby’ anxious to move us deeper into the Syrian conflict and support the Saudi sectarian conflict in Yemen.