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New: NO "fast track" Trade Promotion Authority for the TPP

Bruce Joffe
Wednesday April 22, 2015 - 03:22:00 PM

The 1993 NAFTA trade agreement promised to boost our economy. It did, for the very rich, but it took millions of middle class jobs offshore where labor is cheap and pollution is rampant. The Trans-Pacific Pact (TPP) promises to be NAFTA on steroids. If TPP passes, our nation's financial regulations would be "harmonized" to comply with international de-regulation. The costs of a too-big-to-fail bank's collapse would be have to be borne by taxpayers. 

Our government's environmental standards, wage and labor laws, prohibition of the sale of goods made in sweatshops, and safety inspections of imported food, would all be illegal (as "restraints on international trade"). Multi-national corporations would overrule local sovereignty. TPP is worse than a terrible idea, it is a betrayal of the Democratic principles that got Obama elected. 

"Fast Track" would make it way more easy for this catastrophic pact to pass and would seal our oppression.